End of Year Survey Lucky Draw


We would like to thank all our members who have joined our "End of Year satisfaction survey".

We are glad to announce the winners of our "Satisfaction survey" Lucky Draw

Below is the prizes and winners list.

Place of residence
£10 Gift Voucher G. D. Male South Holland
£10 Gift Voucher M. J. Male Lincoln
£10 Gift Voucher F. O. Male Waltham Forest
£10 Gift Voucher C. M. Female Glasgow
£10 Gift Voucher V. M. Male North Lanarkshire
£10 Gift Voucher W. A. Male Torbay
£10 Gift Voucher S. M. Female Lewisham
£10 Gift Voucher K. T. Female Windsor and Maidenhead
£10 Gift Voucher S. T. Female Bolton
£10 Gift Voucher C. K. Female Durham

Thank you very much for your support of AIP ONLINE SURVEYS U.K. and we hope to receive your opinions in future surveys.